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Counselling Services

Individual problems, within self, family or organization is having a ripple impact in the performance of an organization. Many a times, people are averse to approach professional help to diagnose the issue. Organizations tend to distance themselves even from visible problems mainly because of its inability to intervene as a solution provider. B2N offers counseling solutions to individuals and organizations to fill this gap and ensure sustained development of organizations and individuals. Counseling is a process in which the counselor, or therapist, helps you understand the causes for your problems and guide you through a process of learning to make good life decisions.

B2Nís Counseling Modes


Organization Group Counseling

In organizational group counseling, we do offer counseling to group or teams to understand and solve particular issues. Our organizational group counseling helps organizations to foster relationships within the team members and increase productivity. It also helps the organization and individuals to solve any kind of cultural or value conflict issues.


Family & Organizational Counseling

Family and organizational counseling is a group effort to bring in the best out of the individual and enable him to be more productive, personally and professionally. In Family and Organizational counseling, we interact with the individual, his family, and reporting officers. This kind of counseling can be used while the individual find it difficult to maintain work life balance or at times when he/she is having problems with their family relationships due to the nature of work.


Individual Counseling

We offer individual counseling to help individuals to find out a solution for a variety of personal or professional problems. Organizations can lean on us for organizing individual counseling for their staff. Individuals can also directly contact us.