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Tests & Assessments

Too often, Human beings and organizations wants to diagnose and understand the existing talent, skill, knowledge, attitude &aptitude within individuals & groups. A proper understanding of these will help to envision change and enable growth of individuals and organizations. To help organizations and people to uncover their present state and determine the future course with relevant data, B2N offers tests and assessments for individuals and organizations. Some of our tests comes as part of Training and recruitment solutions ,while others are stand -alone tools .

B2N offers the following tests and assessment solutions:

Individual assessment solutions

B2N Offers various tests and assessment solutions on individual basis. This includes personality tests, aptitude tests, career aptitude tests, personal efficacy analysis, intelligent quotient analysis, emotional quotient analysis, social quotient analysis etc. Individuals &organization can to make use of these tools as a part of personal exploration and development plans.


Group assessments

B2Nís Group assessments are generally conducted to meet organizational requirements in regard to selection, development, strategy formation and implementation. We customize the assessment methods based on the specific requirements of organizations. In general our group assessments includes, assessment each individual of the group, behavioral observation and feedback mechanism, simulated group activates, on line methods, out bound methods etc.


Employment screening tests

B2N provides end to end solutions in creating and conducting employment screening tests for specific jobs and job categories. We do customize and co- create the tests based on organizational requirements. We also take up the responsibility of administering the tests on behalf of the clients.


Competency assessments

B2Nís competency assessment is intended to assess specific competencies of individuals. The competency assessments can be used for specific job categories and positions. Leadership competency assessment, Managerial competency assessment, Sales competency assessment, Customer service competency assessment and Financial service competency assessment are some of our major competency assessments.