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Learning & Development Solutions

B2N provides end to end Learning Solutions to people and organizations. B2Nís Learning Solutions go beyond just providing motivational tools and feel good factor. Our intervention is to create positive transformation in individuals, organizations and society at large. The learning and Development solutions provided by B2N are aimed at creating positive and progressive impact at the performance level. Our Specific mission in L&D Services is to create a complete ecosystem for learning and development.


Core Learning Solutions L&D Services Caters To L&D Modes
Larning & Development - Support Fuctions

Classroom Training

Classroom training is a great investment an organization can make in its staff, as long as it's made wisely. With our understanding of what goes into making an effective training class, we deliver the most effective classroom learning solutions. We look into the trainer, Class room and Content to make it effective. Utmost care will be given while arranging the class room training. We ensure the quality instruction from an effective trainer, documentation, hands-on activities, and additional resources.


Core Outbound Training

We conduct core outbound training programmess at various locations across the country. Our out bound training programs help participants to gain immediate and powerful insight into their own and their teamís work styles and behavior. One of the most unique aspects of outbound training is that trainees are immediately able to see the consequences of wrong actions and can see the tangible difference that can be made by a change in thinking and behavior. Our trained facilitators enthusiastically help them to extrapolate the learning from these outdoor activities to their workplace. Organizations can learn on us for end to end solutions in outbound training. B2Nís Core outbound training can be organized as a reward cum learning program, recreation cum learning programme or as a core learning solution.


Semi Outbound Training

Core outbound training usually takes lot of organizations resources, in the form of time, and money. This may not be desirable for many organizations. As a solution to this we organize semi outbound training which is a perfect blend of classroom training solution and outbound training solution. In semi outbound learning solutions, we will setup an outbound training campus in the client premise if possible or at a nearest location. B2N is one of the pioneers in the country to spread this concept.


Open Workshop

B2N organizes open workshops to address two specific requirements

  • To bring in positive transformation in the participants.
  • To equip the participants towards positive transformation.

B2Nís open workshops are designed to cater to individual and organizational requirements. Organizations and individuals can nominate there nominees for our open workshops.


Learning Solutions for Corporate Sector

We do a complete assessment of your learning requirements to understand what makes your team achieve your organizational goals. In this process, we analyze the present, by looking onto the strengths & weaknesses of the different factors that affect the performance of individuals & map various gaps for achieving optimal performance. Based on the assessment, we customize the learning solutions to suit specific requirements of your organization with a focus to enhance human resource productivity.


Learning Solutions for Government and Non-Government organizations

The attitude, effectiveness and efficiency of the people working with Government and Non-government organizations plays an active role in shaping the future of any country. The impact is not only on the surface level but also at the bottom level. Our programs help in bringing positive transformation within NGOís and Government departments. It enables the participants to embarrass new perspectives and set new bench marks for their personal and professional growth. This will increase the overall efficiency of any Government Department and NGOís.


Learning solutions for Students

Our Learning Solutions for students are aimed at filling the gap in todayís educational system and make the students fit for their professional& personal life. The solutions are well structured to ensure that it is looking into the overall development of the students. Our intervention ensures sustainable and well-rounded transformation and growth. In the process of delivering the learning solutions for students, we closely interact with the educational institutions, students and the corporate world to identify the existing and emerging requirements and fill the gap in the skillset, knowledge and attitude of the students .


Learning Solutions for Faculty

Our Faculty Development Programs are aims at helping them to understand and utilize the inner strengths and external resources effectively and efficiently to improve the individual and organizational performance.


Learning Solutions for Education Management

Management of an educational institution plays an important role in shaping the overall culture of the faculty and students which is having strong ripple impact on the institution, its future and the society at large. Our learning solutions help the management right from the beginning - to be precise from the time an idea of educational institution is being conceived .Our learning solutions help them in every stage of development Ė incubation, institutionalizing, establishing, culture building, further expansion and growth.

With its robust learning methodology, cutting edge courseware and best in class faculty, B2N aims at making a significant contribution as a globally recognized supportive educational learning solution provider.


Learning Solutions for Parents / Guardians

Parents and guardians play an important role in the growth and development of the students. Our programs enable them to play an active and effective role in in building the future of their wards. It enables them to cope and match with the present day trends and challenges while shaping the future of their children.


Learning solutions for individuals

An individual, at different point of time looks for learning solutions beyond their existing framework. We provide number of learning solutions for individuals including, open workshops, seminars, panel discussions, coaching, mentoring and counseling. We conduct various open house workshops & allied activities looking into the need and relevance of the hour. Please refer our learning solutions calendar for specific updates.


Learning Process Outsourcing

B2N Undertakes end to end learning process outsourcing and works as the internal Learning and Development Partner. We help the clients to analyze, transform and continually improve the organizationís learning processes and capabilities. Our intervention helps the clients to give more meaning and depth to the learning and development function. We create increased business impact with measurable results. Combined with partnering approach, training need analysis, Delivery, Impact analysis, Performance management and continuous improvement process, we provide a unique edge to the LPO solution.


Leadership Development Programmes

B2N Believes that leadership development should start from the grass root level. Leadership Development Programmes from B2N Learning enhances Self-Learning, empowerment, analytical skills, innovation, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial orientation right from the lower level to the Top level. Our programmers facilitate managing self & organization in a constantly changing environment.


Management Development Programmes

B2Nís Management Development Programmes helps organizations to develop requisite managerial skills at different levels. The MDP programmes of B2N is having a dual focus Ė ĎManaging Selfí & Managing Others. Self-assessment, continuous support, on going feedback mechanism with the help of peers and immediate supervisors, experiential learning methodologies are the hall mark of our MDP Programmes.


Core Experiential Learning Programmes

Experiential learning is learning through reflection on doing. We help the participants to make meaning from direct experience from various modes of learning such as (classroom training,) psychometric tool based learning, Core outbound training porgrammes, semi outbound training porgrames, and one-on-one coaching, mentoring & counseling.


Competency Based Programmes

Competency based training (CBT) emphasize on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of completing a program of training. CBT Programmes of B2N helps the organizations and individuals to define the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to become successful in the envisaged field of work. It includes identifying the competency framework, conducting assessments and designing and deployment of a comprehensive development plan.


Change Management Programmes

B2Nís Change management Programmes is based on a structured approach to ensure transitioning of individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. Our process and approach empowers the employees to accept and embrace changes in their current environment. We help organizations to bring in change on specific or standalone projects and verticals. Our change management Programmes equips organizations to manage Missionary changes, Strategic changes, Operational changes &Technological changes. It also helps organizations to bring in Change in the attitudes and behaviors of personnel. In nutshell, our change management programmes create employee acceptance and ownership to the change process.


Customer Service Management Programmes

Customer Service Management Programmes from B2N are designed to make significant gains in service efficiency and customer satisfaction. The programmers focus on attitude, skills, processes and domain knowledge of the participants. Our Customer service training helps organizations to manage companyís interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects effectively. Our Customer servicer prgorammes enables the participants in Measuring and valuing customer relationships and create positive impact on the bottom line of the business.


Sales Effectiveness Programs

Sales Effectiveness programs from B2N enhances the required skills for consultative sales or major account management, customer retention skills, telesales and proposal writing skills. We are having industry specific skill building programmes for different verticals such as Retail , FMCG, consumer durables, financial services, insurance, telecom and automobile.


Team Building Programs

Team Building programs from B2N enhance personal, interpersonal, and group effectiveness skills. The programs are designed to understand the importance and process of working together to develop an insight into the behavioral dynamics of self and others. The programme helps to sharpen the team skills - Interpersonal skills , team synergy, team bonding and an energized team environment are the key takeaways. Our outbound mode and semi outbound mode of training gives more meaning to the learning experience.


Psychometric Profiling

We conduct various Psychometric Analysis & Profiling of individuals and teams with the following specific Objectives.

  • Understanding an individual as a part recruitment / screening or selection,
  • Building personal/ professional development for the individual
  • As a part of training need analysis.

Each assessment is specifically designed to understand the present and map the future requirement. Our assessments facilitates motivation and provides a clear & compelling focus to the individual &organization. It also supplements inputs for the learning intervention.


Learning & Development Need Analysis

Need Diagnostic Study from B2N Learning uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand the current scenario and identify barriers related to people and processes in achieving business goals. It also reveals gaps with respect to knowledge, attitude or skills that when addressed would lead to higher business outcomes. As a part of need analysis, we use to administer various performance measurement tools.


Learning Impact Analysis

We believe that any learning initiative by an organization should produce qualitative and quantitative results. We use to constantly evaluate the impact of our training beyond the immediate feedback collected from the participants. B2N also undertake learning impact analysis as an independent body and prepare impartial reports based on qualitative and quantities research techniques.


Follow Up and Support

As part of our efforts to ensure sustained learning, we do conduct proper follow up programmes and support activities. The Follow up and support will be designed in consultation with our clients taking Learning delivery modules into consideration. Our follow up and support includes methods like learning audits, coaching or mentoring, follow up programmes at regular intervals, periodical tests and assessments, certifications and on line support.